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First Post!

October 27, 2008

Hey All,

This is, quite obviously, the first post of my blog.  Since nobody knows about this site yet, this post is mostly for test purposes.  The plan is to put any and all random stuff about my life in this space.  It’s temporary, in that I want to eventually do all the hosting myself, but the wordpress people are way cool in providing this and you can’t beat the theme options… speaking of which, what do you think of this one?  I tend to just grab one and go, but I think this one works.

In the sidebar, I’m gonna have links to other blogs that I enjoy and am subscribed to and I also hope to have a page for any music and film stuff I’m involved in.  Quite the big experiment, but should be fun.  This is also a more convenient way for me to post things than running through my facebook, although I’ll probably try to find some kind of integration there as well.  Anyway, cheers for stopping by.  Come back soon.