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It’s been awhile since I first saw you

February 24, 2009

Hmmm… yeah, me and this blog haven’t really spoken in awhile.  That’s a mistake.

Quick update:  Things are going well.  Remember the whole Secret’s to Success blog?  yeah, you do.  Anyway, I hadn’t connected with my business partner and truly set that up.  We talked all about it, but didn’t set an actual date.  From there, it was easy to let it slip and slowly fade to the background as a memory.  Meanwhile, my “disciplines” have become quite the rarety as far as getting up, exercising, and accomplishing the things I need to do each day.

SO, last week, I met again with this man, and we set a date for real and it was yesterday.  Two, count ’em, two days now I have risen early in the morning, got my work out on and then been showered and shaved with enough time for a little quiet time in the morning before work.  Awesome.

Also awesome?  This video, do you remember it?