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21 Days of Fasting

January 11, 2009

So, my church, Bayside Community, is participating in the 21 Days of Fasting to start off the new year.

I was challenged last night to really take this idea to heart and do it myself.  I’ve done fasting before.  In fact, while in YWAM, I fasted before each outreach to prepare myself for what God was going to do.  This year, in many ways is a year of new beginnings for me.  I’ve got two new companies (one of which made this awesome video) and the other of which really pays the bills.  With both, I want God to be first.  This is my desire for every area of my life in 2009.  My intention in this blog is not to be super spiritual, but since I am sharing my life on this thing, you should know this part of it.

I’m going to fast for 21 days from all snack foods/candy.  I’m abstaining from these things as a picture of how I want to live my life this year.  I want to put good things into my body, mind, and spirit and be satisfied with that.  It’s not discipline as punishment, or as a way to work myself into God’s graces, but a pleasure to cast aside the temporary fleeting pleasures in pursuit of something far greater.  To that end I’m also going to fast from any alcohol during this time.  I’m not a big drinker, but for our culture alcohol is a quick, easy way to self-medicate and I have at times been guilty of that as well.  I want to set aside this time to show God (and myself) how serious I am about relying on Him alone to be the leader of my life and the light that guides my path.

What about you?  Have you ever fasted or given something up for a short time?  How’d that go?