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Breakfast Video

January 28, 2009

No, this has nothing to do with breakfast, but this video is too awesome to pass up!

This is the unreleased making of video from Paul Blart:  Mall Cop.  It’s hilarious and fake, but the guys over at Landline TV have got something here:


Not Personal

January 27, 2009

No, this post is not.  Only, if you know me then you know that I love working with and in film and so this is semi-to be expected.


A student short film titled Oktapodi has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Shot Film.  I found it to be really cool and almost on the same level with the pixar stuff that I enjoy so much.

Check it out for yourself here:


Fasting update,

January 25, 2009

Sometimes it’s difficult to start one of these blog posts because I’m not really sure I have anything to say.  Wow, with a beginning like that can you even wait to see what I’ll right next!?

HungryThe fasting has gone well thus far.  Mostly, I’ve been drinking these meal-replacement shakes twice a day and then making dinner for myself.  I’m very proud of the fact that I made some pulled-chicken (with Sonny’s bbq sauce!) in the crockpot the other night and used the leftover chicken stock to make a soup.  It was actually pretty cool and quite frugal of me if I do say so myself!  One of the problems has been that because I exercise great restraint for most of the day I feel the need to overindulge myself at night.  It me reminds me of that Muslim holiday where they don’t eat at all during the day but then get jacked up at night… only, I’m pretty sure I’m not having as much fun as they do and I don’t want to kill all the infedels.

Dark Knight Poster

Dark Knight Poster

Anyway, I also went and saw The Dark Knight in IMAX yesterday and I must say that the IMAX shots themselves were awesome.  Several of the exterior shots flying over Gotham and Hong Kong were done this way and it was so much more immersive than the traditional 16:9.  The movie, has so many amazing points to it I believe it totally deserves the press, accolades, etc. that it has received.

The movie is also very dark.  Hence the title, I know.  But it truly was a dark film which is unusual for an action/comic book movie like this and once I got home I had to put in the very cheesy, over-the-top The Mummy to lift my mood.

Anyway, there you have it.  I have successfully updated my blog a little bit, which really is something I wanted to do and both of you that read it now need to make sure you’re updating your blog as well.  Also of note, I added pictures to this post and doesn’t that make everything more interesting!?  Give it a shot!  I only wish that I could expand the margins on my center column here where I write, because it feels to crowded right now, but I don’t think the free will let you change that.   Alright, that’s all I’ve got right now.  Peace out.



January 19, 2009

Doesn’t get more obvious than that, does it?  Yep, this post is about my weekend.  That’s kinda weird cause I did so close to absolutely nothing it’s ridiculous that I should think to write about it, but here we are.

When I say I did close to absolutely nothing, I’m telling the truth.  Thursday and Friday were really busy days for me and so I decided that I’d take this long weekend and really dial it down a notch.  It’s been fantastic.  On Saturday I got up super late and met up with a friend for whatever a 2pm meal at IHOP (pancakes not prayer; though we did pray for the pancakes) should be called.  Then it was off for a nice drive followe by a walk back and forth over the green bridge.  It was the most perfect day for it.  The kinda that only come around 2-3 times a year.

Anyway, then I came home and we made some parmesan-crusted tipalia and salad and watched 3:10 To Yuma (which is fantastic by the way).  Then we watched Mystery Men which is not fantastic and even that is understating how dumb that movie is.  Sunday I got up had a nice cup of tea and played some music, read a book, did laundry and then some friends came over and we made pizzas!  This was aweomse and we ate our efforts at the end.  Then it was time for some football, Arrested Development, Lost, and ending with the movie Stardust.

Today is a holiday, but I feel like I should be getting something done.  So I blogged.  Misssion accomplished!  I’m going to go see Paul Blart this afternoon and try to catch up with a couple friends.  All in all, a good weekend.  And that is, afterall, the title of this post, so what were you expecting anyway!


21 Days of Fasting

January 11, 2009

So, my church, Bayside Community, is participating in the 21 Days of Fasting to start off the new year.

I was challenged last night to really take this idea to heart and do it myself.  I’ve done fasting before.  In fact, while in YWAM, I fasted before each outreach to prepare myself for what God was going to do.  This year, in many ways is a year of new beginnings for me.  I’ve got two new companies (one of which made this awesome video) and the other of which really pays the bills.  With both, I want God to be first.  This is my desire for every area of my life in 2009.  My intention in this blog is not to be super spiritual, but since I am sharing my life on this thing, you should know this part of it.

I’m going to fast for 21 days from all snack foods/candy.  I’m abstaining from these things as a picture of how I want to live my life this year.  I want to put good things into my body, mind, and spirit and be satisfied with that.  It’s not discipline as punishment, or as a way to work myself into God’s graces, but a pleasure to cast aside the temporary fleeting pleasures in pursuit of something far greater.  To that end I’m also going to fast from any alcohol during this time.  I’m not a big drinker, but for our culture alcohol is a quick, easy way to self-medicate and I have at times been guilty of that as well.  I want to set aside this time to show God (and myself) how serious I am about relying on Him alone to be the leader of my life and the light that guides my path.

What about you?  Have you ever fasted or given something up for a short time?  How’d that go?


Like Never Before

January 9, 2009

My brother and I were asked to help with a friend’s new year campaign for his church.  We worked for a couple weeks in after effects and the link below takes you to the video.  Sorry, but for now wordpress won’t let me post the actual video here… it’s a bummer, but I’ll be able to host my own blog soon enough I hope.

In the mean time, please do click on the link below and leave comments, tell your friends, rejoice with us, and hire us to do something cool for you.  No, we don’t shoot sweet 16 b-day parties… sorry.

Like Never Before from John Goodbrad on Vimeo.


3 Steps to Success: Shhh… it’s a secret!

January 8, 2009

Are there secrets to success?  I think maybe there are.  At least, it’s been a secret kept from me (if you know it and haven’t told me, wtf!?)  Anyway, today I was talking with my mentor and business partner about how to be proactive.  Most of what he said was stuff I knew about goal setting and planning, but the last part was new and I thought that it’d be helpful for me to reflect on it a bit and maybe you’d find something new in here too!

1.  Decide what your goal is and what steps you need to take to reach it.  This means creating a plan of action.  Whether you want to make a million dollars in the next year or run a 1/2 marathon it all starts one day at a time.  Figure out what the small steps are to get to your dream and make mid-range (1 year), short-range (3 months) and weekly/daily milestones that you can achieve.  Come up with a daily minimum of what you need to do and can do to see your dream become reality.

2.  Find a person or persons who are willing to hold you accountable to your steps, goals, and especially your daily minimum.  These people need to be willing to call at anytime and check in on your progress.

–so far, these are all things I’ve tried before and everytime I’ve fizzled out before I really got off the ground.  I want to eat healthier.  I want to exercise.  I want to be more successful in business, but while my ideas are good and I implement some support and accountability, it never seems to come in fullness.  Here’s the new step:

3.  Create appropriate reinforcement.  We as humans always take the path of least resistance.  If it’s easier, that’s the route we’re going.  It’s in our nature.  What you have to do is make the pain of failure worse than the cost of success. Here’s an example.  You set an alarm to wake up early to do some pushups.  Your accountability person/team calls you to check in.  If you have not done the pushups, there is a consequence.  Maybe you have to wash your accountability person’s car or maybe you have to mow their yard, or maybe you just owe them $50.  The point is to make it something that is going to cost you.  That way, the pain of failure is worse than the cost of success.  If you’re alarm goes off and you realize that if you don’t get up it’s gonna cost you $50.  Odds are good, you’re going to get up.

That’s it!  As your daily minimums become habit you can increase what you are doing and acheive your mid-range and long-term goals!  This is my new plan.  I’ve got goals and dreams and I’m determined in being proactive.  This time I have a strategy in place to ensure my success.  Failure is not an option.